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How to Write & Lay Out Your Own Personal Brochure

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Ready to Get Your Personal Brochure
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Everywhere you turn in this market, real estate coaches, copywriters and marketing professionals advise you to stay in the game by stepping up your personal marketing with a personal brochure.

But spending the kind of money they’re talking about in today’s market is just plain scary.

With “How to Write & Lay Out
Your Own Personal Brochure”
it’s different ...

Hello. My name is Kay Steele Faulk. Although I’m
a professional direct-response copywriter specializing in real-estate-related projects, I’m not interested in persuading you to hire me to write your copy or to use my marketing services for your brochure project. My sole business purpose with this guide is to help YOU write and lay out YOUR OWN personal brochure.

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You see, with current market conditions, the number of real estate professionals coming to my copywriting site and contacting me for information on how to write a personal brochure has increased dramatically. And I asked myself ... at such a crisis time in the real estate industry, why isn't someone providing agents access to the insider information and tools they need to easily write their own brochure copy?

So I created this guide with the goal of helping agents who are sincere about wanting to succeed. I added over $240 in free bonuses to ensure your brochure’s success. And for a limited time, you get my two-part sales letter series I’ll tell you about in just a moment, but first....

Since your personal brochure’s production costs will be the same no matter who writes your copy, it just makes good economic sense ...

Use this guide to write your own effective copy and
save yourself a bundle of money.

When you have “How to Write & Lay Out Your Own Personal Brochure,” you get the same expert guidance, marketing strategy and advice that you’d get if I were sitting right beside you. For instance ...

  • Do you have personal brochure copy like this? If so, you’re leaving money on the table … BUT without this guide, you'll probably never know it. Page 8.
  • 8 reasons why your personal brochure MUST make an emotional connection with prospects. Ignore these at your peril. Page 4.
  • The 7 simple questions prospects want answers to when first meeting you. Page 7.
  • Revealed! How a consumer’s internal responses slice and dice an agent’s personal brochure copy—the kind of copy you see every day and may even have yourself. Page 8.
  • Telling your prospects a story is the best way to get them to sit up and pay attention. But did you know when your prospects learn about you from a story, they remember you even if your life and career are nothing extraordinary? Page 5, 11.
  • How to step back and take an objective view of yourself. This tool, included as a FREE bonus, makes it easy. Page 6, 25.
  • Why your sales record and achievements have ZERO power to attract new clients. Page 5.
  • Pack the greatest punch with your client testimonials in a tri-fold brochure by placing them in this exact spot. Page 14, 17.
  • How to fail-safe your personal brochure—and any other marketing or sales—project. This secret weapon of ad and PR agencies, as well as professional copywriters and designers, decreases risk and practically guarantees success. A $129 value, it’s yours absolutely FREE as a bonus with this guide. Page 19, 24.
  • The single most powerful way to make your marketing message stick in the minds of your prospects. Page 12.
  • Why prospects don’t care what agency, brokerage or franchise you’re associated with. Page 5.
  • A little-known persuasion secret you can use to get prospects to like you, even find you endearing, without ever meeting you. Copywriters use it all the time. Page 14.
  • WARNING: The viral video “I’m Not a Lead” misguides real estate professionals. Here’s why. Page 6.
  • The #1 asset of your real estate business. It’s what other agents can NEVER compete with, even if they’re top producers, their marketing brilliant and their budgets huge. Page 4.
  • How to establish deep emotional connections by using a few simple words to paint vivid pictures in prospects’ minds. Page 13.
  • The easiest way to control the writing process rather than merely guess at it. You’ll discover that writing—like the piano duet “Chop Sticks”—has two simple parts. Perform them separately … and when they come together you’ll have brochure copy that reads like music to your prospects’ ears. Page 22.
  • Maintaining a professional stance is the best choice for marketing materials, right? Wrong! Page 4 explains why.
  • How to easily get your clients’ testimonials to cover the topics you want. A $15 value, it’s another FREE bonus with this guide. Page 21, 33.
  • Why never to burden prospects with explanations of your professional designations in a personal brochure. Page 3, 4, 9.
  • Banish writing frustration forever with this simple truth that sets you free from trying to accomplish the impossible. Professional writers know better than to waste their time and increase their stress levels by attempting it. Page 22.
  • How a powerful law of human nature will get you all the testimonials you’ll ever want. Use this ready-to-mail letter to make it happen. A $59 value that’s yours FREE with this guide. Page 32.
  • PLUS: did you know agents today are building entire careers mining the gold found in this niche market? You can too with my new two-part sales letter series. It's a $59 value ... and for a limited time, when you order this guide you get both of these letters, including my custom layout and design, absolutely FREE.


But Don’t Take My Word for It. Listen to This Real Estate Expert …

Marte Cliff is a 19-year real estate broker veteran. In a matter of months, Marte's marketing strategies and copywriting expertise boosted her then new-girl-on-the-block brokerage to her market's No. 1 spot. And before long, four of the five other brokerages
in town closed up shop. Today, Marte is a successful real estate marketing consultant and copywriter. So, naturally, her opinion of "A Copywriter's Guide for Real Estate Professionals - How to Write & Lay Out Your Own Personal Brochure" was important to me.

Here's what Marte says:

"Kay, you’ve hit this subject dead on. I'm always amazedMarte at the real estate advisors who have no knowledge of consumer research or the principles of persuasive writing. These are the people who mislead agents in to having personal brochures and those ‘about me’ pages that go on and on about designations and how they'll find you the right house, etc.

“No agent ever set himself apart with that kind of information in his marketing. It's just not possible to bore somebody into doing business with you!
"I keep advising my clients that buyers and sellers want to deal with someone they can connect with — someone who is ‘like them’ on some level, even if it's just
a fondness for orchids. And an agent's personal brochure and ‘about me’ page should make that connection happen.
"I love how you dissected both the bad brochure and the good one. And the bonuses you've included make the guide's price a steal. Any agent who uses them will have marketing materials far superior to those of other agents.

You make it all very clear. So clear, in fact, I'd like to offer ‘How to Write & Lay Out Your Own Personal Brochure’ to my newsletter subscribers.
"In a nutshell, this is valuable help for agents who plan to write their own personal brochure and who want guidance from a professional copywriter who knows her stuff."

Marte Cliff
Real Estate Marketing Consultant/Copywriter

Write Without Fear

Just imagine being able to write your personal brochure copy with the confidence that comes from knowing how the pros do it.

For example, let me show you this quick copywriting tip:

Did you know a simple letter of the alphabet increases prospects’ perception of your value-added services? Compare the two sentences below and see what I mean.

#1: As your agent, Jan will manage the closing process from start to finish.

#2: As your agent, Jan manages the closing
process from start to finish.

Do you see the transition of sentence #1 from a promise of service to the more valuable performance of service in sentence #2? And the prospect’s perception of Jan’s performing a valuable service NOW, rather than at some undetermined time in the future, is accomplished simply by adding the letter “s” to the verb “manage.”

Copywriter’s tip: to manage your prospects’ perceptions, check your sentences for verbs that can be made more powerful and immediate by adding the letter “s.”

“Okay, Kay … so what’s the cost for this professional guidance
and confidence builder?”

As a quick comparison, you should know that at a full-service ad agency a personal brochure could set you back $5,000 or more. Or with a professional copywriter, you could easily pay $50 to $125 an hour for your copy.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount ... or even my minimum hourly rate ... to help you write your brochure copy with confidence and ease.

That’s because your total investment for “How to Write & Lay Out Your Own Personal Brochure” is only $27 — less than you’d spend for dinner out and a movie.

Now, I’d be nuts to offer my No-Risk Guarantee below without also giving you additional tools and resources you need to make your personal brochure project a success. So, to make sure you're ready, I've put together some special bonuses to help you every step of the way.

My Customized 99-Point Creative Brief —a $129 Value

This is the tool no self-respecting ad or PR agency, professional copywriter or designer would be without when starting a new marketing or sales project. Here’s what this valuable tool accomplishes for you:

  • Creates a blueprint for your personal brochure project.
  • Pinpoints and clarifies your target market(s).
  • Gives you a clear, objective view of yourself necessary for writing your story.
  • Develops your core-marketing message, which you can use in every marketing project you undertake from here out.

My Ready-to-Mail Letter Requesting a Testimonial—a $59 Value

The quick and easy way to gain credibility and trust with prospects is through client testimonials. Send this letter after every satisfactory transaction, and you'll get all the testimonials you could ever want. Plus, simple directions most agents forget for making it easy as pie for clients to comply with your request.

Testimonial Topics to Suggest—a $15 Value

Client testimonials are great credibility builders, but it's hard to get them to cover the variety of subjects you need. Satisfied clients want to help you, and they appreciate knowing what you need. Now, with these topic suggestions and questions, you can customize a list to include with each request.

My Ready-to-Mail Letter Requesting Permission to Use
an Existing Testimonial—a $19 Value

For all those unsolicited thank-you notes, here's the easy way to get permission to use them in your marketing. Plus, simple directions for making it quick and easy for clients to comply with your request.

My Must-Have List of Free & Affordable Resources—a $19 Value

Here’s my special collection of marketing, writing and design resources including FREE
high-quality award-winning photo and graphics editing software, FREE high-quality desktop publishing software and FREE high-quality PDF software.

That’s a total of $241 in FREE BONUSES.

But that’s not all I have for you ...

My New 2-Part Real Estate Sales Letter Series—a $59 Value
available for a limited time

Real Estate Sales Letters - SamplesDown markets in any industry create unique opportunities for those savvy enough to seize them. Today’s wealth of expired listings is one of this market’s richest opportunities. And although these sellers are eager to sell, reaching them requires a special marketing message that skillfully taps their emotional hot buttons. My letters do just that while also distinguishing you from the competition by presenting you as a real estate consultant with the expertise to solve the seller’s home-sale problems.

Now, I’m not trying to trick you when I say these letters are available for a limited time. You see, I’m creating an entire series of real estate sales letters, and these two will be a part of it. But until then, everyone who orders “How to Write & Lay Out Your Own Personal Brochure” gets them FREE as an extra download. And they come with my custom layout and design.

Goodness! All that AND the guide for just $27.

And that's what it costs you ONLY if the guide and its bonuses help you.

If they don't, the cost is zero ...

                 Try it risk-free for 90 days


That's right.

If, after reviewing “How to Write & Lay Out Your Own Personal Brochure,” you’re dissatisfied for any reason ... or for no reason at all ...

Just email me any time within 90 days.

You'll get a full refund — No questions. No hassle.
No fuss.

Plus, you can keep the guide AND its $241 in bonuses AND my $59 two-part sales letter series, completely free with my compliments — that way, you risk nothing.

I promise.


Kay Steele Faulk
The Real Estate Copywriter

Let me be clear ... I wrote this guide especially for real estate professionals like you. In it, I open my files and show you what works and what doesn’t. And I show you the mistakes that stand between you and the extraordinary results effective personal brochures have been known to get for agents throughout the country.

With this guide and its bonuses, I’ve provided everything you need to write a personal brochure that attracts clients who are right for YOU—the ones who make your real estate career a joy.

A successful real estate broker/marketing consultant/copywriter has assured you in her testimonial on this page that my guide delivers what I promise.

The next step is yours. Your future is yours to define because ...

It’s No Longer a Secret
that Effective Personal Marketing
Can Make Agents Rich.
Today’s consumers DEMAND
that agents be authentic.
Give them a personal brochure
introducing the REAL you and MULTIPLY your response and income for life.



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Writing for your success,

Kay Steele Faulk
The Real Estate Copywriter

P.S. Michael Evangelista has a thriving business designing Web sites and marketing materials for real estate professionals. Listen to what Michael says:

“As a professional web and print designer with years of experience in the Real Estate sector, I am very aware ofMichael the need for clear concise copy and well-organized design elements in any type of promotional media.

“Whether you're working with a professional design company or building your own brochure in-house, "A Copywriter's Guide for Real Estate Professionals – How to Write & Lay Out Your Own Personal Brochure" is one of the most helpful tools for real estate agents I've seen in quite a while.

“Any REALTOR®, agent or designer working with a real- estate-based client should definitely purchase, print and use this helpful guide. In addition to being highly readable with clear, easy steps and points-to-remember, it's chock full of reason-why details that will guide every marketing piece you create from now on. My real estate clients are going to love it.

Michael Evangelista, President
Evangelista Web, Print & Graphic Design

Get Guidance from a Professional Real Estate Copywriter
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   YES! I am sincere about success. I want to step up my personal marketing. Please give me instant download access so I can get guidance from a professional copywriter on how to write and lay out my personal brochure ... PLUS I get over $240 in FREE bonuses to ensure my project’s success AND
I get the 2-part sales letter series valued at $59.


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